Game of Lies

On Wednesday (October 14) Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority, accused Israel for “executing an innocent 13 year old boy”.  In addition, he said that “The Israeli attack against our people, our land, and the holy places threatens peace and stability”. A day later, Abbas’ harsh accusations showed up as a vile lie, when Israel proved that the “innocent 13 year old victim” was alive and only lightly wounded, receiving treatment in an Israeli hospital. The Palestinian president bluntly ignored the horrific terror attacks committed by this boy and other Palestinians in recent weeks. Here’s a short summary: 7 Israelis were savagely murdered and over 92 were injured. Oh, and that “innocent” 13 year old Palestinian, actually went on a stabbing rampage and managed to severely injure a 13 year old Israeli kid. The life of this stabbed kid is still hanging by a thread.

These recent false statements by Abbas and his men are merely a fraction of the lies that are being spread in Palestinian media, which I refer to as “the Game of Lies”. Here are some more examples: Palestinian terrorists, who shot and stabbed to death two Israelis (including Haviv Haim, 78 years old) and wounded several others on a bus were portrayed as “Martyrs”; an Arab-Israeli woman, who stabbed innocent people in Afula (a city in northern Israel) with a butcher knife and got shot by the police (only lightly wounded), was portrayed as an innocent victim of police brutality only because she was an Arab; on October 2, Eitam and Na’ama Henkin were murdered right in front of their children while driving their car, and the Palestinian reaction was that it was a legitimate act against the Israeli occupation. These savage murders of innocent Israeli citizens were never denunciated by the Palestinian leaders.

As it seems, in fact in line with their previous conduct in this matter, loathsome acts of savage terrorism, such as slaughtering old people as well as children and women, are praised by Palestinian leaders as “brave” and applaudable fighting against the occupation. Moreover, Palestinian leaders are bluntly accusing Israel of launching a religious war, claiming that it has been violating the status-quo in the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and threatening the holy Al-Aqsa mosque. Israel has intensely rejected these accusations; contrary to those who might doubt the authenticity of the Israeli reaction, just recently, the US State Department, publicly supported the Israeli version, that the status-quo on the Temple Mount has not been changed. To support that, let us look at the numbers: over 3.5 million Muslims, 200,000 Christians and 12,000 Jews visited the Temple Mount this year. These facts further add on to the absurdity of the Palestinian manipulative and false claims. The game of lies continues here as well.

Abbas and Palestinian leadership are mentioning every now and then that they want peace with Israel. At the same time, they continue to poison the minds of their youth with hate towards Israel, they honor dead terrorists that killed Israelis, they praise stabbing and shooting of Israelis on the streets as bravery, and they blame Israel for committing horrendous war crimes and genocide at the UN and other international forums. How can you say that you want a peaceful solution, when in fact, you are doing the complete opposite? If you indeed want a peaceful solution, why not teach your kids about tolerance and accepting the different, instead of indoctrinating them with uncompromising hate of Jews/Israelis.

With that being said, I must remind the reader that Abbas and his friends do not really represent the Palestinian people: it was the fundamentalist and extreme terror organization, Hamas, who, in a convincing manner, won the first and last democratic elections in 2006. More than 1.4 million Palestinians are under the Hamas regime in Gaza, and apparently a major part, perhaps the majority of the Palestinian population in the West Bank, support Hamas. Ever since winning the elections, Hamas has fired around 20 thousands rockets into Israel. If Abbas and his regime are still trying to camouflage their blatant hatred towards the Zionist idea, the Hamas charter explicitly and repeatedly calls for the killing of Jews and utter destruction of Israel.


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